Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I love being a Mom. I seriously have the most adorable kid ever (coming from a completely objective point of view, of course:) and as I approach the halfway mark of my year long maternity leave, the thought of going back to work full time makes my eyeballs twitch. How am I supposed to leave my chubby little man, with his huge gummy grin and corn niblet toes, with someone else for 12 hours at time?! Don't get me wrong, I love my job (I'm a nurse) but I love my Lil' Dude more. After 3 months of colic I'm being rewarded by drool and grins and I don't want a moment apart from him.

All this to say that I figured I needed to find a way to stay home with him as much as possible. To still work occasionally outside of the home, but to be here raising him as much as I can. However, I still need an income. And so I've decided to take my previous Etsy shop, ChocolateMartini Cards, which was just starting to take off when my Lil' Dude was born and revamp it, renew it, make it better. And so I bring you ChocolateMartini Paper Co.

I wanted to do more than just illustrated cards, although these will still be the backbone of my new shop. I want to explore new forms of stationery: gift tags, notepads, invitations, announcements, bookmarks,illustrations etc. And I've challenged myself to use some graphic design as well as hand drawn art, to refine my current inventory and add new designs, and to use more eco-friendly materials in my work. It is my hope that with this renewed energy and commitment to providing quality paper goods that will appeal to the hip, modern gal (and dude!), I will find some success and be able to be home with my baby. Watch for updates as I work out the kinks of re-starting a business after baby and prepare for the opening of my new shop. As we speak my shop banner and business cards are being designed and I'm refining my old designs. Look for more updates as they come!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for my second Etsy shop Chubblers Baby Gear and blog where I will be selling handmade baby items including Mei Tais, wraps, and burp cloths! This Mama is becoming a Mamapreneur, and hopefully a successful one!