Friday, April 16, 2010

Yo' Mama.

Wondering what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? I know I’m always stumped- how to find something unique and personal, fitting for such an important occasion.

circle of love bracelet

This year, I’m all about hand stamped jewellery. This bracelet, courtesy of Etsy seller The Vintage Pearl, sells AMAZING hand stamped jewellery perfect for Mom. Guaranteed to bring tears to her eyes, especially if she’s a still-hormonal first-time Momma like myself!

I just happened to have received a bracelet just like this with my son’s name stamped on it. Hubs can’t wait more than 24 hours after purchasing a gift to give it, hence my early-April Mother’s Day! Little does he know the real gift is that I’m not getting out of bed that day till noon, come hell or high water! Ha!

Also check out Etsy seller sTuck in the Coop for fabulous hand stamped jewellery.

Dreamweaver Baby Wrap Sling Carrier - FAST SHIPPING

For the new Momma or Momma-to-be, how about a wrap? Essential in those early days when having two free hands is a distant memory, wraps and slings allow Mom to get things done as well as enjoy snuggles with the wee babe. And if you have a colicky little darling? Let me tell you, a wrap is a must-have – my precarious sanity was saved in those first 3 months by my wrap. It was literally the ONLY thing that would shut my son up, and there is something to be said for precious silence, am I right Moms?

This wrap is courtesy of Etsy seller Snuggy Baby, who I’ve heard great things about. Also check out Lovey Duds on Etsy for wraps and slings.

Tea-To-Go Tea Bag Cozy in Spring Green Twig (holds 4 tea bags)

Um, how cute is THIS? Its a tea bag cozy! Holding up to 4 tea bags at a time, you can throw it in your purse, diaper bag, whatever and go! And in a snazzy Amy Butler fabric to boot. This one is courtesy of Etsy seller Rubys Playground.

Watermelon Candy - Whipped Cream Soap - 5 ounces

When you’re just not sure what to get for Mom and you want to go with an old standby, you can’t go wrong with bath products. That is, assuming she actually takes baths/likes bath products. Don’t give your Mom this stuff if she’s a quick shower kinda gal. Just don’t. Its a shame to let it go to waste.

Soaps and other goodies from You Stink are on my list for a Mother’s Day gift to myself. Uber popular with my friends, You Stink has delicious looking/smelling/sounding products in all kinds of smells and forms. Try this Watermelon Whipped Soap for a special treat. How Yummy is that!? Image courtesy of You Stink.