Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Deed of the Day

Today's good deed comes courtesy of hubs. I am not a mower of lawns. Never have been.Except for the year we were the superintendents of an apartment building and I had to mow that lawn - but that was a riding lawnmower and awesome and therefore doesn't count.

Not to be all "unevolved" and "old fashioned" but I have a dad and a brother, followed by landlords and now a husband - none of whom have ever asked me to mow the lawn, nor would they probably let me even if I wanted to. Men!

Anyhoo, whilst being a lazy bum and reading my book all snuggled with baby and dogs, I spied through the front window hubs doing a good deed that he always does - mowing the neighbors lawn. It was particularly touching today, as said neighbors wife is terminally ill in hospital, so his normally manicured lawn had gotten unruly. But this gesture is standard between our neighbor and my hubs - for the last 3 years whoever mows the front always mows the other person's front lawn too. Ain't it sweet? We have great neighbors. We are lucky people.

So mow your neighbors lawn today. Or, sit back, get your favorite book (I'm reading A Thousand Splendid Suns - AWESOME) and get your hubs to do it. Either way, an easy way to do something nice for someone and get some exercise too!