Friday, February 26, 2010

End of the Week Reflections.

Here's another tentative feature I'd like to try out - looking back on the week and evaluating it in terms of my business and life in general. We'll see how she goes.

It was a busy week life-wise, but a slow one work-wise. Business cards arrived from VistaPrint (yay!) and I slowly plugged away at the computer, creating and saving card templates, printing samples and packaging inventory. I must say, this is not my favorite aspect of the business - I hate the drudgery of fiddling and editing and packaging - I just want to open that shop and get going. Alas, this is necessary drudgery - as I learned the last time, having all your ducks in a row before opening your Etsy shop makes for much less heartache in the long run.

Low point of the week: The Chubblers is sick. Is there anything sadder than a phlegmy baby cough? I think not. Snuggles are definitely in order.

High point: The social aspect of being SAHM. I got to see lots of fellow mommy (and a soon-to-be-mommy) friends and made lots of plans with others for the weeks to come. I'm faaar to busy to have a full time job- this mommy/socialite business is hard work! But in all seriousness, its one of the best parts of mommyhood and an unexpected perk, that so many great people have been brought into my life this year. I'm one lucky gal.

Looking to next week...

Business-wise, the shop will be open! Yay! I have to bust my butt this weekend to get all my samples printed and photographed and in all honesty, that likely won't happen. We have a busy weekend ahead so best case scenario I'd like to have at least 5 designs photographed and ready for posting March 1st. The rest I can do a little of each day. I can't wait for this - I'm really hopeful that my preparation this time around will pay off with more sales and faster than last time!

Life-wise, well, we're getting rid of TV. Which is probably a good thing because I'm all TV'd out after the Olympics. We're going to download whatever shows we want to watch but cable is done. I'm proud of us actually, but its going to be strange without that big loud box blaring away in the living room. We might actually have to talk to each other. Ugh. Lol:)

So that's my end of the week reflection, nothing too deep this week. Perhaps in coming weeks I'll explore issues in the news that have caught my eye and any other musings I may have done as well.

Happy Weekend y'all!