Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pretty Things.

Sigh. I could spend all day looking at photography and design blogs/websites. In fact, if I didn't have a chubby little man who needs me alot of the time, I probably would spend all day looking at these sites. And don't even get me started on Etsy. My credit card starts vibrating when I type in Etsy's url. I can hear it humming away even in another room, my heart starts skipping beats and I hyperventilate while simultaneously wishing I had oodles of disposable income to spend on handmade goods.

Ideally, I'd like to start posting some regular features on this blog related to design, stationery, and well, life. Hopefully I can outsmart Mr. Procrastination and actually achieve this. My first idea is Etsy Finds. Each week I'd like to just post some things that have caught my eye on Etsy; maybe they'll have a theme and maybe they won't. Just some mindless, fun eye-candy. Remember, support local (and un-local) artists and artisans. There really is nothing like buying handmade.

This week's theme? Yellow and grey. I loooove yellow and grey. Yes, I know its trendy and yes I know I'll be sick of it next year. But for now, love.

Yellow Birds on Gray Tiles 11x14
Yellow Birds on Gray Tile by LuckyBlueBirdArt

Sadie Handbag - Amy Butler August Fields Knot Garden Grey
Sadie Handbag by DancingDahlias
Charleston Bloom Collection- Grey and Yellow Wedding Ring Pillow
Grey and yellow wedding ring pillow by TheBloomingSouth
Hats Off  You Rock Well Done Mello Yellow Stickers
Stickers by SunshineandRavioli
Eco Baby/Toddler Bib - Retro Flowers
Baby bib by Turtleparktots