Sunday, April 25, 2010

They like me! They really like me!

Ummmm...can I just say, Booyah!!! That right there my friends, just above this paragraph is MY card from MY shop on THE FRONT PAGE of Etsy! I got home Thursday evening to find that Facebook had put as my status that my shop was on the front page. Although delighted, I was utterly confused until I checked my account and found two message from fellow Etsy sellers telling me that my shop was picked! Thanks Tippy Toes Knits and Buy Some Love! Check out their shops, these girls are uber talented and deserve your business. Special thanks to Tippy Toes for the screenshot.

Those readers that aren't super familiar with Etsy may not realize what a big deal this is. Basically, somebody saw my card and picked it to highlight on the front page, which is seen by EVERYBODY that logs onto Etsy. Its a huge honor to have your item picked from all the wonderful treasures on that site. The views of that card skyrocketed after Thursday and I hope that increased sales will follow.

So somebody certainly did a good deed for me and made my day. Thanks dude:)


the food said...

ya!!! congrats!!!

Tracy said...

Thanks awsome!!!

GTA Mom said...

Wow...amazing! Congrats :)

Kristina said...

Well deserved for a very talented seller!

Your screenshot isnt showing up though :(

Rambling Renovators said...